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FREE REPORT: 49 Customer Feedback Questions to Get Actionable Insights 24 June 2015 | Nathan Thomas

Our team have released a free report on the 49 customer feedback questions to ask your users and get actionable insights fast.

For UX Researchers:

This will make your job a whole lot easier because we’ve curated the exact questions you should be asking to get real customer insights. Your users will tell you exactly what you’re doing right and exactly what you’re doing wrong so you can make informed, targeted improvements to your websites.

For Marketers:

With these questions your customers and prospects will hand you the road map to their business. You’ll discover what converts and what doesn’t, and uncover the simple things you need to do to overtake the competition and convert skeptical browsers into repeat customers.

Take a Peek Inside…

When looking for this product, how likely are you to consider our company first?


Did you find that information valuable?

Here are some of the questions included in the report:

1. What goal did you want to accomplish?

Ask this question to find out why your visitors came to the website and what they were looking for. You might be really surprised, as visitors might have been looking for things you wouldn’t even consider before (and no traditional web analytics would tell you that). This might turn out to be a valuable suggestion for your product new features or website structure.

2. Were you able to find the information you were looking for?

Ask this question if you want to find out about your customers reaching their destination on your website. Question like that can help you quickly assess the information architecture of your website. The value of information is a simple indicator if your content is useful for the customers.

3. What can we do to improve the checkout process?

Answers to this question allow you to find out whether you miss any features or if there is anything to improve (more payment options, a possibility to halt the checkout and add more items, etc.). Open question like that give you a chance to find out about bugs and other issues with your website. It’s also a tremendous source of customer insights and can be used to make your site’s offering, design and text more aligned with the customer needs.

4. What is the primary benefit that you have received from our product?

After a good handful of customers have started to answers this question, you should be able to pick out the most common answers. This will help you understand how you are helping people. It won’t always be in the exact way that you think. This will help to drill down to the core of what people find valuable about your product so you can optimize your conversion funnel on.

5. What makes us stand out from the competition?

Your customers will define how they see your USP in their eyes. This will help you clarify your offer as you’ll understand why people have chosen you. Knowing this you can help undecided prospects to make this choice too.

You’ll find 44 more questions like this inside the ebook.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside
  • How to find out what you need to know about your prospects in order to turn them into buyers
  • How to judge the UX of your website and discover exactly what to improve
  • How to know where you stand compared to the competition
  • How good is your product, really? Learn what you need to improve and keep delivering exceptional value to your customers

You’re getting the exact questions to ask to get meaningful results and actionable insights.

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Nathan Thomas

Written by Nathan Thomas

Nathan started his first online business whilst still in high school. When he's not helping companies reach more people on the internet, he enjoys exploring the world and writing about travel on his blog, Intrepid Times

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