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Interactive Solutions Validates Design Decisions Overnight 18 April 2014 | Julia Rozwens

UX Designers at interactive agencies tend to make a lot of decisions based on their instincts when creating marketing materials for their clients. UsabilityTools’ UX Suite allows agencies to support their decisions with real data, acquired within a couple of hours, directly from the their target consumers:

The company:

Interactive Solutions, a subsidiary of Saatchi & Saatchi, is one of the largest interactive agencies in Poland. They specialize in delivering comprehensive marketing strategies for leading international brands.

The Brand:

Aussie is an internationally renowned cosmetics brand. The products are dedicated solely for hair care and are famous for the inclusion of natural Australian ingredients.

The Challenge:

– to evaluate design and content of the product cards prepared for Aussie.

– to evaluate users’ attitude towards regimen sales.


Interactive Solutions decided to involve users in central decision making processes concerning design and content. In order to achieve that, they needed to make sure that only relevant users were providing feedback. The agency decided to make use of UsabilityTools’ integration with CINT, a leading research panel company and hand-pick the group of respondents they needed:

– UK based

– Female – aged 18 to 40

– full- or part-time employed, self-employed, students

cint mapka.jpg

The agency hired respondents from targeted parts of targeted locations throughout the UK

Interactive Solutions wanted to test different design variants to ascertain the target group’s preferences. They used 25-30 respondents to review both product card designs. The designs differed only in the order of content, not the content itself.

The test designed with UsabilityTools’ UX Suite comprised three parts:

1. Survey – general questions about hair product consumer behavior

2. Web Testing – evaluation of the design and information on each product card

3. Click Testing – each question accompanied by an image to assess every element of the product card separately.


Thanks to hiring respondents directly from UsabilityTools dashboard, the results appeared within a couple of hours and the agency was able to analyze the data and deliver their recommendations to the client quickly.

The test results provided real insight. For example, they delivered proof that the target group actually enjoyed  the Aussie product cards. Among the respondents, there were only two negative opinions:


There was, however, a clear preference towards one of the versions which attracted better scores. The winning version emphasized the full product range together with product information, as these were featured at the top. Key visual and blogger opinion were presented at the bottom of this product card.

Interactive Solutions wanted to evaluate different elements of the product card separately and asked the respondents to rank each of them on a scale of 1 to 5.


The key visual was not considered important by the target audience

It soon became obvious that users gave higher scores for informational elements such as prices, product lines, directions and product descriptions. Communicational elements, including key visual, bloggers’ opinion and general information about the brand, scored noticeably lower.

Interestingly, users had the same preferences in both versions of the product card design. This proves that the order of elements didn’t affect their inclinations.


 Being able to see different product lines was very important for the respondents

The survey clearly showed that a target group is eager to explore a full product range. Interactive Solutions was able to learn a great deal about the different motivations behind this:

bundle sales.jpg

Interactive Solutions quickly acted upon the data and prepared a set of insights and recommendations for creating Aussie product cards. Qualitative feedback directly from the target users allowed the agency to be confident in their design decisions when delivering the project to their client.

Julia Rozwens

Written by Julia Rozwens

Julia is a marketing expert and geek with a soft spot for new technologies and a law degree that remains utterly unused in every way. She currently works as online marketing manager for UsabilityTools. Julia enjoys life and surrounding herself with people, and firmly believes in the happiness of pursuit. You can find her on Twitter at @Julerr when she's not watching Game Of Thrones or playing Hearthstone.

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