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Case Study: OptimalEnergy increased conversion by 122% 26 September 2013 | Ania Kitowska

OptimalEnergy is a price comparison system where you can choose between the offers of the electric energy distributors. It is one of the biggest energy price comparison websites in Poland. Users pick the most beneficial option for them and order it directly from the website.

Business need

OptimalEnergy wanted to find out more about the conversion funnel within the website. The website’s owners needed to check which elements are responsible for losing potential customers. The goal was to optimize the website for higher conversion and improve the usability.

Evaluating the website

The tests had two stages:

  • Evaluating the home page
  • Testing the web forms

During the tests performed with UsabilityTools, two challenges appeared:

The website featured a slider with images that looked like very realistic screenshots and included the CTAs like “start”. Unfortunately, the images were not clickable. Data gathered with Click Tracking tool proved that staggering 24% of the clicks from the whole website were directed to the unclickable areas and half of them concerned the fake CTAs.

24% of the clicks were going to waste because of the unclickable sections

24% of the clicks were going to waste because of the unclickable sections

Furthermore, as it turned out after evaluating the web forms with Form Tester, up to 81% of the users left the website without finishing the final step of the order submission form. This loss of potential customers just moments before converting was a major challenge for the website’s owners.

Changes made

Optimal Energy were losing a lot of potential customers because of unclickable elements that looked like real buttons. They decided to make the whole screenshots clickable, directing the users to the submission form upon clicking.

The tests have shown clearly which web forms and particular text fields were causing the loss of potential customers. These fields were removed, users can now also see a prompt helping them to fill the form correctly. What is more, the website visitors are able not to fill out the form at all. Instead, they can use one intuitive slider and quickly submit their order without complicated forms.
The slider is more engaging than traditional web forms. Conversion increased by 122,6%.

The slider is more engaging than traditional web forms. Conversion increased by 122,6%.


As a result of the implemented changes the effectiveness of CTAs increased by 66,2%. The simplified forms proved to be much more engaging for the users. OptimalEnergy noticed a 122,6% increase in conversion rates.

The website’s owners were very happy with the results:

Thanks to UsabilityTools, we found out more about the needs of our users and discovered improvement opportunities. Thanks to that we were able to increase the conversion rates. The biggest advantage of UsabilityTools is the swift pace of carrying out a study. Valuable results can be gathered within a single day!

– Łukasz Czekała, OptimalEnergy

Ania Kitowska

Written by Ania Kitowska

When she is not writing content for our page she is talking about her hometown. Strongly convinced that every movie is based on Dostoevsky’s novels and not afraid to blog about it.

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