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Egito and Waynet: 207% Increase of Conversion Rates 5 June 2015 | Piotr Koczorowski

Our client

Waynet is a Polish agency specialising in implementing eCommerce for B2B companies in Poland. They introduce effective solutions for businesses, based on obtained data.

Another Polish company, Egito, turned to Waynet for help, as they experienced a variety of problems that they needed to fix. Egito is an integrated SaaS application system to manage your own small or medium business, so it is crucial for them to have a functional website.

Waynet diagnosed the following problems during the initial analysis:

  • High bounce rate at the front page (60.29%),
  • Low conversion rate (1.6%),
  • Usability problems on the webpage,
  • Complicated navigation,
  • Outdated design.

In the face of the aforementioned, Egito set the following goals to reach:

  • Increasing the number of trial accounts (registers),
  • Creating navigation that will enable easy access to important information,
  • Increasing the number of pricing requests,
  • New site design and improving usability.
The process

Waynet began by extensively analysing the page, the competition, and the website’s clients.

The first stage was to collect data about the visitor’s movements (clicks and hovers) on the website, and then analyze it. In order to do that, Waynet used UsabilityTools Conversion Suite, which contains a Click Tracking tool with heatmaps, a Web Form optimization tool, and a Visitor Recording tool.

Click Tracking let Waynet gather data about the Egito’s target group, mainly about people’s mouse movements and points of interest, which they clicked. The obtained data was used to find out how visitors proceed on the web page, what elements and buttons they find interesting and worth a click, and what areas they spend most time on. Moreover, it was used for diagnosing the causes of the problems present within the website.


The high bounce rate was attributed to the unattractive site’s design and to the inefficient way of presenting the site’s purpose – the data gathered with Click Tracking showed that the users didn’t know what the site was for and what they could gain from it.

Additionally, the staggering amount of information and the overwhelming form of presenting it did not motivate users to learn more about Egito. Horizontal attention heatmaps from Click Tracking showed that users scan the page without reading it.

Egito heatmap

A heatmap of the users’ clicks.

The heatmap above shows that  the button “Start your own Egito” (pol. Uruchom własne Egito), which starts the registration process, was completely ignored by users – almost no clicks were placed in its area.

The main element, which attracted clicks, was the sign “Try for free” (pol. Wypróbuj za darmo) – the users were interested with the product’s price, and only later did they start to search for the product offer by going to the “Features” (pol. Możliwości) tab.

The last factor that negatively influenced the registration process was the registration form, which featured too many fields to fill. That was verified with Web Form Tester, which gathers data about the actions of the users on the forms, how many people started the form, how many submitted it and how many dropped out. It also focuses on particular fields, and shows the percentages of dropouts for each of them.

The next stage where UsabilityTools helped was creating a user persona. Waynet used the Persona Creator, which belongs to the wide array of tools that we offer.

In order to create a persona, a representative profile of a potential client of the service, Waynet used data gathered during extensive workshops with the clients and data from Google Analytics.

Egito Persona

Sample persona – click to see the whole image

Based on the gathered information they created two personas reflecting characteristics of main types of users: representatives of small and medium companies. They were later attributed to corresponding individual character traits: the decision-making process, the goals, the needs, the doubts, and the information needed from the website.

The data gathered by Conversion Suite (Click Tracking, Form Tester, and Visitor Recording) and the data coming from studying personas allowed Waynet to prepare the following changes for Egito, which aim was to improve the website’s usability and conversion, and lower the high bounce rate.

Introduced changes

Front Page


Register Form

New Logo

Register Form
The results

Thanks to UsabilityTools, Waynet could propose a design, which resulted in a great improvements at Egito’s website:

Egito Waynet Case Study Statistics

  • The conversion rate increased by 207%,
  • The bounce rate went down by almost 30%,
  • The site received a new, modern design,
  • The user engagement increased by 80%,
  • The financial results went up and the costs of acquiring new clients went down.

Visit Waynet for improving your e-commerce business. Moreover, if you are interested in trying out Egito, it will be soon available outside Poland – as

Piotr Koczorowski

Written by Piotr Koczorowski

Quirky, funny and energetic young blogger from Poland with a passion for video games, contemporary American literature, chillwave music, and pizza. Between studying Translation Studies at a Polish university, Piotr works at UsabilityTools where he blogs about UX and goes overboard with puns and cultural references. In his free time he dreams of space travel (and pizza.)

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