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8 Killer eBooks on UX Design That You Can Download Free 29 July 2015 | Nathan Thomas

UX design is something very close to our hearts at UsabilityTools, so we’ve scoured the web for you to find the best free  reports, white papers and eBooks on UX design out there.

We know that UX design matters and that websites designed with user experience in mind get more engagement and rank better in the search engines, that is why it is good to increase one’s library and knowledge.

Here are our TOP 8 finds:

1: Eight Tell-Tale Indicators of Counterfeit UX Design by Dr Eric Schaffer

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Eight Tell-Tale Indicators of Counterfeit UX Design

Not all UX design operations are everything they are cracked up to be. In this white-paper, Dr Eric Shafer – a UX pro with over 40 years experience in the industry – breaks down what makes for legit UX focus, and what are the hallmarks of shoddy, ‘counterfeit’ operations. If your firm is considering throwing money into UX, this report is a must-read, so no time or funds will be wasted.

2: User Experience Report: The 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Home Pages by Usabilla

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User Experience Report: The 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Home Pages

The election is long gone and most of us are selling products, not policies, but this breakdown of the 2012 USA presidential candidates home pages still makes for a fascinating reading. There are takeaways in this report relevant across the board for UX design, and great insights on what helps and what hurts trust and credibility.

3: Guide to UX Design Process and Documentation by UXPin

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Guide to UX Design Process and Documentation

With a focus on design in the content of product creation, this report will help you maintain UX focused design all the way from wireframe to launch. Extremely informative and, obviously, well designed.

4: The Design Funnel – a Manifesto for Meaningful Design by Changethis

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The Design Funnel – a Manifesto for Meaningful Design

This design-centered report breaks down the 5 step process from going from idea to reality:
  1. Define values and goals
  2. Discover moods and metaphors through association
  3. Generate ideas and define a concept
  4. Create a visual language
  5. Design it

This manifesto will help designs make ideas into reality, and balance the needs of demanding clients, design best practices and user experience.

5: Design’s Iron Fist by Jarrod Drysdale

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Design’s Iron Fist

This collection of essays and insights by designer Jarrod Drysdale will help you tap into your creative side and gets things done with flair and persistence. Rather than specific advice for UX centered design, you’ll get the principles, philosophy and motivation to get out there and make your designs real.

6: The Five Planes of UX Design by Bellatrix

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The Five Planes of UX Design

An indepth guide from creating software and solutions with a UX focus. This will help you go from conception to completion with a focus on the ‘five planes’ of UX design, strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface.

7: Converting the Believers by Dr. Peter J. Meyers

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Converting the Believers

Aimed at online marketers, this eBook will help you leverage user experience design and other best practices to get more conversions and make more sales. You’ll learn how to apply analytics, principles of usability, and proper testing to amp up the success of your online business by leveraging the power of ‘believers.’

8: The Fable of the User-Centered Designer by User Focus

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The Fable Of The User-Centred Designer

“Once there was a bright young man who was looking for an effective designer. He wasn’t looking for just any designer. He wanted to find a designer who could design complex technology that was simple to use.” “Follow a young man’s journey as he discovers the three secrets of user-centred design.”


[BONUS] 9: How to Optimize Your Website with Visual Analytics by UsabilityTools

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Visual Analytics: Learn Not only What, but Why

The key to designing a website with exceptional UX is to understand how users are engaging with the site. The easiest way to do that is with visual analytics. Our team put together this eBook on how to use visual analytics to optimize your site and get more conversions.

Happy reading! With such a wealth of resources available, it’s a shame that not more websites and products are being created with user experience in mind. Apply the lessons and tips in these books, and you can have fortune’s worth of education for free.


Nathan Thomas

Written by Nathan Thomas

Nathan started his first online business whilst still in high school. When he's not helping companies reach more people on the internet, he enjoys exploring the world and writing about travel on his blog, Intrepid Times

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