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GetBadges – Removing a Button Increased Conversions by 40% 12 August 2015 | Piotr Koczorowski

GetBadges is a gamification platform for Trello, GitHub, Redmine, Jira, Slack, Bitbucket and many more software developer tools you use everyday.


CTAs have their goal – users should perform an action described in their message. However, sometimes that action might be counterproductive. GetBadges learned that a CTA in a wrong place can cause dropouts.

The business challenge

These days, a website has to do a lot more than to just look pretty. It has to drive leads, increase conversions, and boost engagement.

The Getbadges marketing team stumbled upon a conversion barrier: a lot of their users dropped out at the registration screen. To get the insight they needed, the team turned to UsabilityTools.

How UsabilityTools helped

Thanks to collected recordings, they found out that users would go to the registration pages and fill out the registration form. After that, they clicked a CTA button that attracted their attention.

Users did that, because they believed it will complete the register process. Instead, that action took them to the registration form again and resetted it. This sequence made users feel like the form is not working and made them leave in frustration.

Using UsabilityTools, GetBadges tracked how different segment of visitors interacted with and bounced off the webpage.

getbadges before redesign miniature


getbadges after redesign miniature


The results

Recordings of user activity provided by UsabilityTools have shown that people were repeating the same mistake over and over again. After removing the problematic button, they noted a 40% increase in registrations.

A great success for a company that relies on trial signups.

This one simple change boosted their conversions.


Justyna Wojtczak

We highly recommend UsabilityTools to anyone with a startup. Having the ability to peek your users’ browsers is pure gold. – Justyna Wojtczak, Co-founder of GetBadges


Piotr Koczorowski

Written by Piotr Koczorowski

Quirky, funny and energetic young blogger from Poland with a passion for video games, contemporary American literature, chillwave music, and pizza. Between studying Translation Studies at a Polish university, Piotr works at UsabilityTools where he blogs about UX and goes overboard with puns and cultural references. In his free time he dreams of space travel (and pizza.)

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