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Thank you for your interest in guest blogging. At UsabilityTools, we love to share our ideas and experience with our community of demanding readers interested in the fields of UX. We are growing with each day and in order to ensure that we can spread enough information we need help – the help of guest authors, and that means you!

If you are passionate about topics connected with user experience, e-commerce, conversion, optimization, web design, analytics, and marketing, we would love to hear back from you! We aren’t narrow minded, so if you are interested in topics that can be connected to the aforementioned areas, give us a heads up – we would like to explore something new.

Why guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a valuable way to gain exposure and to introduce yourself to our community – you will be acknowledged as an author at the top and bottom of your post. We will also provide feedback from our marketing and UX experts, who will work with you to create an insightful and easy to read article.

Our guideline

In order to ensure the quality of the work posted on our website, we prepared a set of guidelines, which are necessary for the guest post to be approved:

  • Thou shalt useth meet English. The article must be well-written when it comes to style and grammar – proper English is mandatory.
  • The article’s topic must be interesting for UX specialists, marketers, conversion optimization and analytics experts etc. – we don’t need topics which are available everywhere.
  • The article must be original – no previously published (or posted) duplicates.
  • All third party data, quotations, images, and other content must be properly attributed in the article.
  • Please avoid link building schemes – articles written for that purpose will be rejected.
  • Don’t be overly self-promotional and avoid typical marketing, sales, and hype language.
  • The article cannot be republished anywhere – once it is available on our website please refrain from republishing it. However, sharing the article, once it is published by UT, is very welcome.
  • Please send the article and the images contained within separately (images as a zip or rar file). In order to indicate the placement of the image within the article, instead of pasting it simply write “[Image *]”. Replace the asterisk with the number (name) of the image. The images should be named with numbers according to the order in which they are expected to appear.
  • Please include your Bio and your picture with the email. The bio should be 2-3 sentences long (can be longer, but 500-page biographies are too much). One link to your website is welcome.
  • We reserve the right to edit and introduce changes to the article (all will be discussed via email correspondence).
How To Get Your Article Published

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