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How to Increase Conversion by 218% with Visitor Recording? 4 March 2014 | Bartosz Mozyrko

Vocabla is a platform that helps you improve your English vocabulary. Users create their own lists of newly-acquired words and collaborate with international community to expand their knowledge.


Different design hypotheses may or may not result in better effectiveness. Vocabla thought a lot about redesigning their pricing page. This case study shows how they managed to remove conversion barriers, redesign their pricing page and their web-app based on the actual user behavior, and improve their conversion rates as the result.

The business challenge

People at Vocabla were not happy with the conversion rate from their pricing page. They felt that 1.74% is not nearly enough for this step of the buying process. The question was – how to see what’s discouraging users from clicking “Buy now”? To get the insight they needed, the team turned to UsabilityTools.

How UsabilityTools helped

The best way to understand how people really browse and interact with your page is to record their sessions. Based on insights from UsabilityTools, they found why their pricing page was a major dropoff point in their website.

What Vocabla saw was that people quickly scrolled through the page and went back to the previous one. The hypothesis was that the pricing plans were too confusing. The team carefully analyzed collected sessions and introduced new changes. The effects came right away. As a result, people were spending more time on the website and the conversion rate picked up

The results

Based on the Visitor Recording data, Vocabla created a new design which emphasized the benefits of using the platform. The conversion rate of the new pricing page design jumped to 5.54% which means that it increased by 218% from the old version.

During the tests of the pricing page, Vocabla wanted to understand user behavior inside their product to see what frustrates users (Vocabla operates in a Software as a Service model – SaaS). As a result, they managed to create more user-friendly interface of their web-app.

Take a look on what Kuba, Vocabla’s COO has to say about testing his website with UsabilityTools:


vocabla jakub tulaj

In Vocabla we continuously work on improving usability. Several times a day a new batch of changes goes straight to our users.

In such process, we need to be sure changes we solve problems and not create new ones. Google Analytics and MixPanel we use let us look from the long and middle distance on what is happening in our application. These are great tools, but something is missing there.

With Usability Tools we feel that we sit next to our user and chat with him about his or her needs, so problems & solutions are visible at a glance. Finally. – Jacob Tulaj, COO of Vocabla


Written by Bartosz Mozyrko

CEO @ UsabilityTools, a B2B SaaS company that helps businesses to optimize websites for higher conversion and better user experience. Over 8 years of experience working in an environment of my passion, in the areas of user research and behavioral analytics. Team player with a passion for people, technology, ideation and product development. An enthusiast of knowledge sharing.

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