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Free Ebook: Visual Analytics – Learn Not Only What, But Why 14 July 2015 | Piotr Koczorowski

We are glad to announce a new e-book coming right from our team on Visual Analytics!

This book will show you that you need to understand not only what happens on your website, but also why it happens.

Inside you will find variants of techniques Visual Analytics contain, methods how to use them to improve your website’s usability and conversion rates, and real life examples of VA being put to use, coming from our clients.

Are you a marketer?

Being lost amid the sea of stats fished out from Google Analytics can make one want to drown. Visual Analytics focus on data that is easy to digest, as you are able to see firsthand what is happening on your website. Clicks, movements, areas of interest – all laid out in front of your eyes.

Do you want to test the effectiveness of a CTA on your website? Google will tell you the amount of clicks on the button as a whole item, but Heatmaps from Visual Analytics will tell you that people are more likely to click on the word “Free” – try A/B testing a button with an enlarged word “Free,” it can yield in increased click rates.

Are you an UX researcher?

UX’ers know the drill – the word “testing” will be a part of their epitaph. However, conducting tests with remote or on-site groups can be cumbersome, as you require a recruited group of people. With methods coming from Visual Analytics, you can remotely conduct research without the participants knowing that they are being tested – this ensures that their actions are natural.

Do you want to verify the effectiveness of the navigation of your website? You can go with traditional method of card sorting, but there’s an alternative – enhance your studies with Visual Analytics and use Visitor Recording, where you can walk in your user’s shoes and see the website from their perspective. You will see a recording of their every step on the website – you will instantly notice if there are any problems.

Are you an eCommerce store operator?

Convincing people to purchase at your store is your bread and butter. However, the structure of the store’s website can be more than you can bite. Sometimes attractive prices, high-quality products, or frequent sales are not enough to ensure a “Buy” click.

The case studies in the book show that frequently the checkout form is at fault for low conversion rates. Even though most stores are optimized, usually their checkout forms are difficult for clients to fill out. Abundance of fields, unreadable layout, or invisible buttons lead to dropouts. With Visual Analytics you will be able to see which fields are problematic, how long does it take to fill out a form, and what is the dropout rate. The last step is crucial, that is why it is crucial to optimize it.

Take a look

Here are sample pages from the book:

visual analytics

The steps in preparation for using Visual Analytics.

visual analytics case study

A case study coming from one of our clients.

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Piotr Koczorowski

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